Call of Duty WWII beta first impressions

call of duty wwiiThe Call of Duty WW2 closed Beta started early last night. I’ve been playing around with it and thought I’d share my initial thoughts. Just remember the game is in beta and as such there will no doubt be changes made before release.

I’m playing the Beta on the PS4 Pro which is hooked up to my 4k PC monitor. Sledgehammer Games had been a bit coy about what kind of PS4 Pro support there would be but judging by what I’ve experienced I’d guess that they certainly are running at something above 1080p on the Pro version but shy of 4k. It will be interesting to see an analysis of the game to see exactly what’s going on under the hood.

The menus look nice and crisp and the music gives it a familiar World War 2 era feel. The menus seem easy enough to navigate and it quickly becomes apparent that the well known perk system that has been a staple of the franchise, has been totally revamped. You get to select whether you want an infantryman, airborne trooper and so on. Each gives you different perks as you level them up such as a fixed bayonet or recon jamming abilities etc. You can equip the expected weapon types which all feel relatively familiar and can equip attachments as you level up your weapons. Overall I like the new system and feels it adds a refreshing take on the old perk system.

There’s the usual game modes you would expect plus one called War where you have one team pushing on an objective and one defending it. Objectives vary from building a bridge or capturing a location and I found this game mode great fun. Kill/death ratios go out the window and playing the objective is encouraged.

The gameplay in Call of Duty WWII feels familiar and solid but I would like to see some SMGs either get a damage buff and/or increased recoil. I would also like to see aim assist dialed down on the console versions as it seems too easy to snap to an enemy.

Some of the weapons sound a bit muffled but on the whole audio is as you would expect. It’s great to have that M1 Garand reload sound back in our ears. One disappointment is the seemingly lack of a headshot “ping” that became very satisfying in the earlier Call of Duty games.

call of duty wwii beta

The game performs well overall although there was some stuttering and I did lose connection a couple of times during my first few hours. I did notice some pixeling and blocky textures when looking at bigger explosions so I hope to see that rectified come release.

Whilst I don’t think any of the maps we are able to enjoy in the beta quite measure up against some of the best maps we saw in World at War there’s obviously a lot we’ve yet to see. Those on offer are decent enough and allow for a variety of play styles .

We’ve got a nice selection of score streak rewards to take advantage of and so far I haven’t encountered anything that seems overly influential to the result of the match.

Overall I’m really enjoying the Beta and am pleasantly surprised. We’ll have to wait and see how badly Activision can ruin it with microtransactions and customisation options but I’m beginning to think this could truly be a return to form for the game franchise.

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