Call of Duty WW2 will include Nazi Jetpacks

call of duty world war ii call of duty ww2Just around the corner from its official announcement, it seems that the already leaked Call of Duty WW2 will include jetpacks. Despite Activision promising a more ‘boots on the ground’ experience, who’s to say that a little Nazi history won’t make an appearance in the final product?

While players are expecting a more traditional approach with Garands and Thompsons and Enfields, it’s worth noting that the Germans had access to a lot of secret projects and ambitious prototypes. As well as the Wunderwaffe (which translates to ‘Wonder Weapon’, the Henschel HS 293 Radio-controlled Glide Bomb and the Goliath tracked mine, known to the US troops as ‘Doodlebug’, the Nazis were secretly working on a jet pack called the Himmelstürmer.

call of duty ww2 nazi jetpack

According to Wikipedia, “The Himmelstürmer (Literal translation: “Sky Trooper”) Flightpack, or Einpersonenfluggerät, was a flightpack invented by Nazi Germany late in the war. Its intention was not to achieve flight for the user, but to jump over obstacles and waterways that would otherwise be difficult to traverse on foot. The jetpack, or flightpack consisted of a larger rocket on the back for propulsion, and a smaller one on the front for steering. The propulsion was achieved by the use of a Schmidt pulse jet, developed originally in 1931″

So, should you see a jetpacking Nazi leap forth from a trench and rain death upon you with a Gewehr 41 or a Sturmgewehr 45, don’t act surprised. Maybe it’ll be as part of one of the Score/Killstreaks? Who knows? You’ll find out soon enough!

At 4-One Gaming, we find this whole leak to be an absolute joke, and so should you.

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