Call of Duty Siege…Cards of Duty?

call of duty siegeWith the release of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare only weeks away, it’s unsurprising to see that a new mobile game for iOS is hitting the App Store. But here’s where it gets weird, or interesting. It has nothing to do with Infinite Warfare. It has nothing to do with first-person shooting either. No, it is in fact a card game. Ladies and gentlemen, Call of Duty Siege!

In Call of Duty Siege,  as told by Touch Arcade, “you are tasked with collecting over forty unique cards from the upcoming console entry [Infinite Warfare] and assembling decks to beat opponents in PvP online invasions. As you rise through leagues by winning standoffs versus other players, you’ll encounter rarer cards, get even stronger decks and ultimately conquer the solar system. As is customary in this sort of game, in-app purchases are as abundant as ever, even with the infamous Supply Drop system from the console versions.”

Call of Duty Siege released this week in Australia only, so if you know how to sneak your way into their App Store, off you go. It shouldn’t be too long before the app reaches other regions, but expect in-app purchases, being a mobile game.

call of duty siege screencall of duty siege screen

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