Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Has Micro Transactions, and I’m not happy.

call of duty modern warfare remastered Yesterday evening the news broke about the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. In all of the advertisement posted on the Call of Duty social media accounts, they only ever mentioned the six maps missing from the base game, as well as Winter Crash. There was no mention of the new Depot feature. I wonder why?

Call of Duty is a game which I have had a like/hate relationship with since Ghosts. I suffer from the common problem known as CoD Addiction. Each year I would say “nope, not buying it.” I successfully managed to avoid buying Advanced Warfare, but succumbed to my addiction when I purchased Black Ops 3. I played it often enough for about three months before I traded it in, which means I was not around when the supply crates begun getting out of hand.

When I heard you could pay for a chance to get a weapon which gave you an edge over other players, I was disgusted. The supply crates were originally touted to contain only cosmetic items. That lasted roughly two months.  I’m well aware that Ghosts also had purchasable guns such as The Ripper, but at least you could buy them outright. With Black Ops 3, and Advanced Warfare you can’t. You buy Cod Points, which you use to open crates which will contain anything from a new calling card, to a shiny new weapon with an exclusive perk. To sum this act up in one word, “gambling”. If you’re wanting me to compare it to something you might be familiar with, think of the crate system in CounterStrike GO. Except the CSGO system is a lot fairer and only contains cosmetics.

Now let’s fast forward to the present. I was looking forward to playing Modern Warfare Remastered because it was a way to enjoy an old school boots-on-the-ground shooter without seeing micro transactions everywhere. It was a way to avoid the bullshit which has now become the norm with Call of Duty. I don’t have a major problem with micro-transactions as a whole. Rather I have an issue with games costing €60+ and charging you for a chance to win a weapon which puts you at an advantage over players who may not be as well off as you financially.

Now you could argue that you can earn points to unlock these crates by playing the game. And you wouldn’t be wrong, because you can. But the grind to earn enough coins to do so is simply too much.
Currently you earn 1 coin per match in Modern Warfare Remastered. You can open a crate with 10 coins, or wait and try your luck with a “rare crate” when you save up 30 coins.
Each game has a 10 minute time limit.
Each game ends at an average time of about 8 minutes.
That works out at around 1 rare crate with 4 hours of play time (average).
For Infinite Warfare, it currently works out at roughly 3 hours of play time (average).
Or you could take a shortcut and buy one for a chance to win that exclusive gun you were after for €1.99.

Now for people like myself who have adult responsibilities, or people who may not be financially comfortable, this simply is not good enough.
If you have no kids, no job or no real world responsibilities, I have no doubt you will be able to commit such lengths of time to playing CoD games. But for many people like myself, that’s simply out of the question.

Activision have said that these supply crates will be cosmetic only.
If the update only contains 7 maps, and cosmetic items such as banners, and melee weapons like what’s shown above, then why is the update a monstrous 23GB?
Did they add micro transactions to the game because it’s played more than Infinite Warfare?
Will they add exclusive weapons to the crate system in the near future, akin to Black Ops 3?
Who in their right mind would spend €99.99 on CoD Points?
Why did they feel the need to add new melee weapons?
When did customisation become more important than gameplay?
Is this confirmation that Activision are planning on releasing Modern Warfare Remastered as a standalone?

Whatever the reasoning behind this decision, I have finally realised I am officially done with investing in the series. Not even the sacred Modern Warfare series is safe from the greed of Activision.

This year, Blizzard and RESPAWN have really opened my eyes and made me realise what us gamers actually deserve. I will leave you with one last screenshot, from Titanfall 2’s in-game FAQ and update menu.

I would like to take this moment to state that this article is an opinion piece and may or may not reflect the opinion of everybody here at 4-One.
I would also like to acknowledge that the decision to implement the crates into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered was purely down to Activision and not the developers.

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