Call of Duty Infinite Warfare reviews so far

Call of Duty Infinite WarfareToday’s the day when Call of Duty Infinite Warfare launches into space taking its massive fan base with it. How is it stacking up so far on the review front? Let’s take a look and see how it is being received by everyone else. We should have a review incoming soon too.

With both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered in the hands of gamers, there’s a lot of Call of Duty to get through, and it seems that reviews for Infinite Warfare itself are plentiful. Let’s see what the numbers look like on Metacritic. The following review scores will be taken from the PlayStation 4 version unless otherwise specified.

  • God is a Geek (90)
  • GameSpot (80)
  • National Post (80)
  • Time (50)
  • Game Informer (90)
  • NZGamer (85)
  • Attack of the Fanboy (80)
  • GamesRadar (80)
  • AusGamer (75)
  • The Sixth Axis (70)
  • EGM (70)
  • Destructoid (70)
  • ImpulseGamer (100)

Content-wise, Infinite Warfare has quite a lot to get through, especially with the campaign having additional challenges available once you complete it for the first, and second time. The multiplayer is what you expect, and is said to be very similar to the multiplayer found in Black Ops 3. Zombies in Space is sounding like the best part of the package, as yet again, the Zombies mode proves to be successfully winning fans over and bringing new players in for the co-op fun.


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