Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer roundup

infinite warfare multiplayerLast night at the Call of Duty XP event, we were given a tonne of information on the latest installment of the first-person franchise, Infinite Warfare. A certain UFC star will also be appearing in the game’s story alongside Kit Harrington, who you know as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

It was also revealed last night that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will have a multiplayer beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The beta begins in October, and will only be available for those who pre-order the gamer. The beta will first begin on PlayStation 4 on October 14th, while Xbox One players will need to wait until a later date. You can watch the multiplayer trailer below if you missed it last night.

The multiplayer itself will introduce a new feature called ‘Rigs’. Rigs are practically loadouts, that each offer different abilities to players. One of the Rigs called ‘Synaptic’ will let you turn into a robot dog, which boosts your speed and agility. Weird, but ok. The other Rigs on offer include Phantom, Stryker, Merc, FTL and Warfighter.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will also allow you to craft and customize your weapons too, using the in-game currency called ‘Salvage’. You earn these for taking part in games. There are also optional objectives available which will earn you bonus Salvage, new emblems and collectible stuff for the hardcore CoD multiplayer player.

Another point mentioning, was the announcement of UFC fighter Conor McGregor featuring in the game. We got official confirmation from Activision and Conor himself, which you can see in his tweet below. I’m guessing he does some fighting in the game, but that’s just a guess…. 😉

Lastly, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will include a special VR mission on the PlayStation 4. It will be bundled into the game, but a PlayStation VR headset will be required. In the mission, entitled ‘Jackal Assault’, players will jump into the VTOL like space craft and fight their way through space.

infinite warfare jackal assault

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