Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta impressions

infinite warfare multiplayerI’ve spent a good few hours now with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta on PlayStation 4 and let’s get one thing straight, this is not the disaster so many gamers have been making it out to be but it certainly isn’t without its issues. Here are my thoughts and preview of the beta.

Infinite Warfare is VERY similar to Black Ops 3. Same movement system, similar guns, and character perks, but it feels more refined, more polished than Black Ops 3. So far in the beta, Infinite Warfare has 4 maps which are all of similar nature that encourages the usual fast paced nature of Call of Duty.

Weapons are hailed as a futuristic assortment that fire energy rounds and your everyday ballistic rounds and weapons categories are Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Classic. The classic category is basically guns from Modern Warfare that includes the UMP-45, SPAS-12 Shotgun and even an M1 Garand rifle.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Characters ¬†have their own perks that are a mild upgrade over Black Ops 3, but characters are now called “Combat Rigs.” There are 6 Rigs to select, all available to unlock in the beta (I’ve only unlocked 4) and they all come with their own unique perks and weapons to power up during the match. I’ve used the Synaptic Rig more than any Rig because after each kill, you’re granted a small movement speed boost which is very handy for getting out of a potential dangerous situation.

You’re also able to select “Mission Teams” now which is basically choose your alliance. Each team comes with their own set of certain challenges which unlock special guns. Returning is the Black Market now called “Quartermaster” where you can spend your keys earned in the game to purchase supply drops, both common and rare. Also during the match, you can earn scrap to spend in the armory and this is where you can build prototype weapons. It’s not as in depth as some might assume but it’s a nice little addition.

Onto the game’s issues. Now, I’m no noob when it comes to Call of Duty. I’ve played most of them, got to max prestige and I have a respectable K/D ratio, yet Infinite Warfare has some serious bullet hit detection. Many times I’ve been wasted due to the lag within the servers and even though I’m aiming dead down the sights and my target is right there and I’m shooting, bullets don’t hit and that gives them time to kill me. Also, lobbies take longer than usual to get into and lag spikes are regular. Also, some of the guns are in need of nerfing, especially some of the SMGs and yes, Quick Scoping is back and it’s very, very frequent. Get shot in the toe with a Sniper and you are dead. However, this is the point of the beta, to iron these issues out.

Infinite Warfare is really just more of the same in regards to multiplayer. It’s not a bad game, not by any stretch but Call of Duty needs a change of direction, badly. If this game fails, it won’t be because of Battlefield 1, it’ll be because most Call of Duty fans will be playing Modern Warfare Remastered and that should be the biggest warning sign to Activision to make a change the franchise desperately needs.

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