Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta extended til Tuesday

Call of Duty Infinite WarfareGamers on PlayStation 4 who Pre-ordered Call of Duty Infinite Warfare have been  able to enjoy exclusive access to the games beta this weekend. It’s fair to say that  there have been some server issues which isn’t a surprise in itself as it is a beta after all and hopefully it’s just a technical kink that can be ironed out. The good news is that Infinity  Ward have decided to extend the beta.

The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta has been extended by 24 hours. The  beta test will now end at 6PM BST Tuesday, October 18th, so be sure to make most of the time left in this first beta session. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has also added a fourth map and another mode of play for you to get your hands on before the beta ends.

Another Beta test is scheduled for this weekend which will also be Xbox One players (no beta for PC unfortunately) first opportunity to try Call of Duty Infinite Warfare before the game releases in early November. It will also be my first opportunity to get my hands on the game so look out for my opinions on it at some point afterwards.

Call of Duty Beta

It’s fair to say that the initial reveal trailers poor quality and being overshadowed by the much hyped Battlefield 1 trailer did a lot to put people off trying this years Call of Duty so it seems odd to me to decide to have a closed(ish) beta restricted to those who have already committed to buy the game. I have been frustrated by the Call of Duty franchise for a few years now but slowly I’ve found my interest levels in Infinite warfare increase over time and it’s beginning to look like a pretty solid addition to the series.

With expectations being rather lower than normal for a  Call of Duty title it may at least force a bit of a rethink into how the Call of Duty franchise progresses from here. Perhaps we will see the three development studios head in to differing eras as it seems daft to have futuristic Call of Duty’s every year when they could easily alternate  between past/present/future settings.

This years big selling point is undoubtedly the Modern Warfare remaster and whilst we all have to wait until release day to get our giddy little fingers on it I’m finding myself as excited as I was all those years ago in the lead up to CoD4’s original release. It will no doubt see a stand alone release in the first quarter of 2017 in my opinion but since I sunk weeks worth of gameplay into the original it does in my opinion warrant a day 1 purchase from me and who knows, maybe  Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be a surprise package.

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