Call of Duty to go ‘back to its roots’ in 2017

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare1Last year was a tumultuous year for Call of Duty and Activision, however sales for 2016’s release, Infinite Warfare still lead the pack of other releases that year. It just didn’t live up to previous iterations, dividing fans, and splitting hairs. It looks like the series will be going back to boots on the ground gameplay in the next release. 

During an investor’s call yesterday, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg admitted that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare “under performed” and that it didn’t resonate with fans. If you’re a long time player of the series, you would remember the good old days of storming beaches in World War 2, fighting through Vietnam and shooting down Russians. To see how far the series has come in terms of setting, is unsettling. The franchise name is too powerful to negate, in order to sell millions of copies.

The next unnamed title in the series will come from Sledgehammer Games who were responsible for the release of Advanced Warfare in 2014. Will it bring us back to World War 2? Will they try their hand at World War 1 like EA and DICE did with Battlefield, or will they just drop the jetpacks and keep it modern enough?

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