Call of Duty 3 now backwards compatible on Xbox One

call of duty 3Take it as great news, a step in the right direction or better than nothing at all, but Call of Duty 3 is now available to play on Xbox One via its backwards compatible feature. Call of Duty 3 was Treyarch’s first Call of Duty title, before they went on to make World at War and then the excellent Black Ops.

Set in World War 2, Call of Duty 3 focused on the American, British, French, Canadian and Polish forces. It was the last Call of Duty to be set in World War 2, before Infinity Ward knocked single and multiplayer shooters out of the park with the release of Modern Warfare in 2007.

The game features a full single player campaign, as well as 24 player multiplayer. This is before the time of kill-streaks too, so it may feel old, dated or like a classic. The last time I tried to play it, servers were extremely quiet, but maybe its backwards compatible release will breathe new life into an old soul?

call of duty 3 xbox 360

The addition of Call of Duty 3 now makes it the thirdgame in the series to make it to backwards compatibility. Call of Duty 2 became available last month, which was a launch title for the Xbox 360, and Black Ops 1 which became available previously. Will we see another one, other than the remastered Modern Warfare?

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