Call of Duty 2 storms the beach of backwards compatibility

Xbox 360 Backwards CompatibilityTwo new titles have become available on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list as of today. While an oldie, it’s certainly a golden one. Call of Duty 2, which was a launch title for the Xbox 360. That game is joined by a party favourite, Bomberman!

Call of Duty 2 is a classic, made by Infinity Ward just before they started working on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The smoke effects in the game were amazing, and its World War 2 setting saw you storm the beaches during D-Day as an American soldier, as well as playing in French and Soviet campaigns.

It featured a great campaign and while the multiplayer was somewhat enjoyable and basic, it played well and didn’t rely on killstreaks or other perks. That all changed with Modern Warfare, so it would be interesting to revisit this one again, if it still functions.

call of duty 2 backwards compatibility

Bomberman Live: Blastfest plays like any other traditional Bomberman title, and that’s not a bad thing. Players use bombs on single screen multiplayer maps to blow up and defeat other players. The players must blow up bricks that stand in the way to make way to access other players. Blowing up bricks will give power ups such as increased speed, blast length or even extra bombs to create mayhem.

Up to 8 players can play together online, and reviews have been generally positive for this Xbox Live Arcade title. There are currently no Bomberman games on the Xbox One, so this title might well prove to be a great addition to the backwards compatibility lineup!

bomberman battlefest backwards compatibility

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