Call of Duty Modern Warfare remaster rumour hypes up

call of duty modern warfareYesterday, it was rumoured that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare would be released in a remastered form alongside the Legacy Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as the supposed 2016 seems to be known. Well, it looks like the Call of Duty Twitter account is adding more fuel to the rumour, by replying to a tweet made in 2014.

Poor Angus Vanderslott, who tweeted in December 2014, “If I ever hear the words ‘Call of Duty 4 PS4 remaster’ I will literally shit my pants with excitement,” was replied to by the official Call of Duty Twitter account yesterday with an emoji of poo and pants. Are they implying that he must now do as he said? Why would they go back that far to find that tweet? Hmm…

However, it’s unlikely that the remastered Modern Warfare would be PlayStation exclusive, despite the deal made between Sony and Activision regarding early content releases of in-game DLC. Modern Warfare as an exclusive would upset gamers beyond belief and would be a stupid move for Activision to make.

Our only hope is that if and when it is announced and available, that fans will be able to buy it separately from the new Call of Duty title, if fans aren’t too keen on the future space setting. But as a standalone title, how should it be priced? Our own 4-One community believe £30/$40 is the maximum price for a 9 year old game remastered, whereas Gears of War Ultimate Edition released last year for $40 itself. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition currently sells for $30 digitally, but was higher at launch. Where do you stand on pricing?

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