Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta gets a trailer

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare1With Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s eagerly awaited beta test just a mere few days away, Activision have released a trailer especially for the occasion. That’s right a trailer for a beta. who’d have thought it. Those playing on PlayStation will get access to the beta a few days in advance of Xbox. PC gamers will unfortunately not be getting one.

The video is only a little over a minute long but in it we get to see  a lot of what’s new, including the new  Combat Rigs that are the foundation of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer. We also see some new weapons and equipment that players will be able to get their destructive little hands on.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Three of the six Rigs will be present along with three maps with a selection of modes which include the essential classics like Team Deathmatch and Domination and at least one new one  game mode called Defender.

The beta is split across two weekends. The first runs from October 14-17 and is only available  to those who pre-ordered on PS4. The second runs from October 21-24 and is available to those who pre ordered on both  PS4 and Xbox One. You can still preorder to receive access.

call of duty infinite warfare conor mcgregor

Now call me a cynic but this to me couldn’t feel any less of a beta if it tried. For starters who has beta access as a pre-order incentive? and a trailer for a beta? The release date is also pretty close now, too close for ant meaningful changes. I’m all for beta sessions but lets have proper betas rather than glorified demos. I get that they probably wanted to protect themselves from the kind of backlash they got with the reveal trailer and they no doubt would have faced that if it were an open beta but I think it would have been worth the risk if they were confident in their game.

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