Buy Legendary Swords in Destiny

destiny legendary swordBungie have been updating their fans in recent weeks about what’s to come in the November and December updates for Destiny. This week, the studio has revealed a new piece of information, how players will soon be able to buy Legendary swords.

“After next week’s update, once you’ve completed the “Blademaster” Quest to obtain your Exotic sword, you’ll be able to purchase all three Legendary swords directly from Lord Shaxx.” Basically, once you obtain and upgrade the sword from the quest, you will then be able to go and buy the others if you choose to do so.

Bungie are also planning a new program to award those who refer a friend to pick up Destiny. Whether you buy it for them as a gift at the holidays, or convince them with all your might to pick up a copy themselves, Bungie are willing to show you some gratitude in return.

Destiny“Maybe you have a friend who will be getting Destiny as a gift this season. Perhaps their gift-giver will even be picking it up for them at a holiday sale coming to a store near you. If you intend to show them the way to the mountaintop, we’ll have new rewards aimed at recognizing your service to the Kinderguardian.”

As well as that, next week, Iron Banner will return, assuming everything goes well with the update. For the first time ever it will feature Clash as the game mode. No need to control the zones, simply find your enemies, and eliminate them.


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