Bungie unlock one of Destiny’s most elusive weapons, Sleeper Stimulant

Sleeper StimulantGuardian’s of Destiny: The Taken King can now get their hands on “Sleeper Simulant”, the eagerly anticipated, much teased Exotic Fusion Rifle that has been just out of reach, until now. Yesterday Bungie unlocked the relevant quest that allows players to now embark on a series of missions and public events, which when completed will place the weapon, squarely in their hands. Speculation has been surrounding how to get the weapon since The Taken King expansion launched last month, since then, Guardians from around the world have been working hard to figure out how to get it, searching and following up on secrets which all led to dead ends. Further speculation arose when a hidden variation of a daily heroic mission led to some players getting their hands on the powerful Black Spindle Sniper Rifle Exotic, theoristsSleeper Stimulant stated that the Exotic Fusion Rifle could be acquired through the same means. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case with Sleeper Simulant, and it seems that a simple “flick of the switch” from Bungie, has activated the relevant quest line.

Furthermore, if you didn’t manage to complete yesterday’s quest “The First Firewall”, then you’ve lost your chance for now as it is reportedly unavailable today. This unlocks today’s mission “The Sleeper Stirs” which requires you to run the Shank S.A.B.R.E strike at 280 Light. Upon returning the quest reward to Banshee in the Tower, the “Sleeper Stimulant Weapon Frame”, you will reap the rewards of your efforts, acquiring a new Exotic Fusion Rifle with 290 Attack. It’s laser cuts through enemies and ricochet off hard surfaces. Sounds lovely.

Sounds simple enough right? Well no actually, it’s a lot more complicated than that. So for those of you who may be struggling with this we’ve found a short guide for part one of the quest. However, view it with the warning that it may contain spoilers:

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