Bungie president Harold Ryan leaves company, new CEO appointed

bungieLast night, seemingly out of left field, Bungie’s present Harold Ryan departed from the company. In his place, Pete Parsons takes the role of CEO, a member of Bungie with many years experience. The reasoning behind the change or departure are unknown outside of the walls of the studio however.

This news comes a week after the announcement that Destiny 2 was due to hit at the end of this year, but has been delayed. With fans now awaiting more content to add to their experience on the MMO influenced shooter, a delay in a supposed sequel and no new content along the lines of The Taken King to speak of, Destiny fans sit in limbo. The new CEO had the following message to the fans:

“I want to personally thank Harold for his friendship, passion, hard work, and dedication in helping make Bungie the great company it is today. As a team, we celebrated many victories and weathered many storms.

harold ryan bungie
Harold Ryan leaves Bungie

To the players of Destiny, I want you to know that my number one priority, and Bungie’s, is and always has been to deliver great games that we can all share together. I believe that Destiny is a one-of-a-kind experience. I also believe you have yet to see our studio’s best work. My new role here at the studio will be entirely focused on fulfilling that promise.”

In February, the Crimson Days event will go live, offering a similar kind of experience to he Festival of the Lost, the hallowe’en themed event. Crimson Days will be geared towards Valentine’s Day, offering a new game mode that sees teams of 2 battle it out. You can learn more about the event here.

[Source: Bungieblog]

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