Bungie offering level 25 booster packs for £24.99 in Destiny

DestinyToday, Bungie have offered fans the opportunity to boost new characters up to level 25 in Destiny, but for a fee. With the release of The Taken King, fans who picked up the bundle could automatically upgrade one character for no additional fee, without ever touching the game previously. Now you can buy the booster at will.

Bungie proposes that their fans pay £24.99/€29.99/$37 to boost a character to level 25, allowing them to then level up at their own pace, with whatever gear they find along the way. You can buy this booster for each of the three characters, but one booster costs that £24.99 each. The screenshot below shows the new option.

destiny booster pack

In Destiny, the highest level cap is 40, and if you try to get into a competitive game with level 25 or less, you’re not going to have a fun time whatsoever. So what choice do you have? Level up from scratch and avoid all PvP modes like the Crucible and Iron Banner, sticking only to story missions and daily challenges, or invest in a booster to match experienced players?

Destiny is far from the first game to offer premium booster packs, but the price of entry here seems a tad bit hefty. What are your thoughts?

[Source: NeoGaf]

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