Bungie detail Destiny’s November update

DestinyOn Bungie’s latest weekly blog update, the studio had detailed what is coming to Destiny in its November update. It will be packed with the improvements to Quests and Bounties that were mentioned before, along with a few other additions.

As part of the November update, Bungie are authorizing Banshee-44 as your Weapon Parts dealer. He’ll accept Glimmer as a form of payment. You’ll see yet more welcome changes to the in-game economy in the December update. Bungie also hint that “Petra will have use for your Etheric Light, and Eris has been asking if anyone out there is hoarding a surplus of Worm Spore.”

Bungie also hint of how they’ll be refining various weapons and classes in Destiny. It will address some things you’ve suggested in the forums and on their Facebook wall, as well as some of what they’ve noticed during their constant study of the battles that rage among you.

Below, see a fan made video that Bungie chose as their video of the week. It’s actually very well done, making use of one of Carl Sagan’s many speeches.

So, Guardians. Are you happy with this Destiny news? Are you still slaving away and grinding away to unlock new weapons and gear, or are you yearning for more new quests to come?

[Source: Bungie.net]

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