Bungie are field testing a new matchmaking system on Destiny

DestinyDestiny developer Bungie have applied a new matchmaking system to Destiny’s Crucible, but it will only affect Control game modes for the time being. Depending on the success of this new system, it could¬†eventually roll out to all game types.Speaking on the Destiny forums yesterday, Destiny’s community voice ‘DeeJ’ wrote “We’ve taken additional steps to increase the emphasis on connection quality. Skill ratings will be less a factor in finding you a match. Lag will be even further diminished. Enjoying a game with your friends who are more/less skilled than you are will be easier, but your opponents will be more random, so you will stand a better chance of getting your ass kicked – or vice versa. There is still some form of protection to insulate the casual players among us from the most hardcore, but those considerations will have much less impact on the technical quality of the matchup.”

“We have also extended Damage Referee (click and scroll down to “Out of Bounds” for context) to govern the impact that poor connections have on matches in Clash, Rumble, and Freelance 3v3. It is still live in Control, where it was originally deployed.”

So, a focus on connection based matchmaking over skill based matchmaking. How will the community react to this? In the comments section of the forum post, responses are rather mixed. What’s your take on it, Guardians?

[Source: Bungie.net]

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