Bulletstorm remastered will include Duke Nukem playthrough

bulletstorm duke nukemBulletstorm, a game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games back in 2011 will be getting remastered in 2017. The game whose title sounds like a knock-off video game title from The Simpsons focused heavily on violent combos, promoting extravagant scoring for creative deaths, and included some harsh language.

The reveal trailer at The Game Awards featured some upbeat music to emphasis the craziness and tongue in cheek humour, but it was the last couple of seconds that got viewers excited. Yes, Gearbox Studios are publishing it this time around, rather than EA like with the PS3 and 360 releases, so it makes sense to include one of their new iconic faces, Duke Nukem, doesn’t it?

I think the idea is brilliant, and Duke’s sense of humour, also fully voice by Jon St John will surely breathe new life into the remaster. Let’s just hope that he’s in it for the full game, right from the beginning. This is a perfect mash-up!

Although, there is a caveat. “Fans who pre-order Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will get free access to the Duke Nukem’s Bulletstorm Tour DLC, which gives you the option to swap out Grayson Hunt with the iconic Duke Nukem!” The feature will most likely appear as an in-game purchase following release, but if you want him from day one, you’ll have to give your money in advance.

Bulletstorm Remastered will allow for 4K where applicable, and shinier new graphics. Will there be new weapons and ways to kill? I can’t say, but there will be new maps for the score-based challenges outside of the game’s main campaign mode.

Bulletstorm is a blast to play, but it was a bit of a failure in terms of sales for both EA and Epic Games when it first released. Maybe the remaster will bring in a new crowd and become the popular title it should have been.

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