Build your Fallout 4 character before the game’s launch

fallout 4 character intelligenceSo many perks, so many options. Some of you may already be trying to decide in your head how you wish to build your Fallout 4 character this coming Tuesday. Now there’s a simpler, more rewarding way to do it. RPG Gaming have built a Fallout 4 character planner, allowing you to mess with the points, to see what works for you.

Of course, this isn’t an official app, and it won’t affect how you play Fallout 4, but if you want to have an indication of where to spend your points and where not to spend them, then this app is pretty handy. Unless of course you don’t want spoilers as to what lies ahead, then in that case, avoid visiting the site. We won’t show the perk screen, which is accessible through the Perk Chart option under the stats, as we don’t want to spoil that for you, but if you’re interested in seeing it, then have a look yourself on the site.

Decide whether Strength is your best bet, or if Agility and Luck are the deciding factors in keeping you alive. Already have a build in mind? Share it with us below!

Fallout 4 character builderIt goes without saying that Fallout 4 will be with us on November 10th. Hopefully you have booked a few days off, or have a good “I’m sick” impression for your boss that day.

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