Breaking News: Online gaming requires an internet connection

battlefield 1 cover onlineOver the past weeks and months, we’ve seen some headlines in the gaming media that really has us shaking our heads, or ‘face-palming’ as the saying goes. Whether it’s the likes of “No PlayStation Plus required for No Man’s Sky” (for now obvious reasons), or “You need a subscription to Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus to play this beta online”. I have hit boiling point.

Today’s story that tipped me over the edge was in relation to the hyped up Battlefield 1 beta that goes live today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, once you signed up for Battlefield Insider. It has been pointed out that you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play an online multiplayer game. Meanwhile on PlayStation 4, you won’t need PlayStation Plus. Amazing.

I’m not trying to take sides here, believe me. It’s not what 4-One Gaming is about at all. In fact it’s the opposite. Fanboyism is a bane on gaming and it shouldn’t exist. But, what I have a problem with is that those who are probably the most excited for Battlefield 1 are in fact Battlefield fans, who probably play it daily, weekly, or monthly with friends. To do so, you need either Xbox Live or PS+, unless you’re a PC player. Fair enough so.

If they’re not Battlefield fans, they’re probably Call of Duty fans, or Halo fans, or Killzone fans, or [insert any other First-Person Shooter title here] fans. They probably already have a subscription to either of these premium network services. Sure each one offers free games every month as well as access to online gaming and other features. They’re almost a necessity, unless you’re anti-social or don’t enjoy competitive gaming on the internet. That’s respectable too.

What bothers me about these kinds of articles though, is that it’s used to spur on fanboys, to get clicks, to spread awareness to others that one platform is letting you play A BETA without a subscription being required. It’s taking sides. “Bad news for Xbox One owners”. It’s not bad news, it has been a fact for as long as Xbox Live has been in existence. Want to play a game online, you need Xbox Live Gold. PlayStation 3 offered free online gaming, then with the launch of PS4, PlayStation Plus was a requirement. Fans complained, because they wanted a FREE online service.

Did you know, you can play Battlefield 1 a week before launch on Xbox One with EA Access? You need a subscription for that too.

I always compare these console network services to phone services. Sure, you can buy a phone from any store, but shouldn’t calls and texts and internet access be free from then on? Of course not! You need access to the service to make those things happen!

I myself will be trying out the Battlefield 1 beta tonight, with my Xbox Live Gold which I’ve had in circulation for almost 10 years now. Why this non-story got to me is hard to say, I guess it’s just the fanboyism of it all. So I will finish this piece as I do in response to any fanboy comment I read on the internet.

“Bloody fanboys”

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