Breaking News! GTA V is still selling extremely well!

gta v online executivesPublisher Take-Two Interactive has released some shipping figures, telling us that Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 60 million copies in total since the game’s initial release in 2013. Last summer, the game had shipped 54 million copies, and every week, the game is featured high in the UK games chart which we report weekly.

There’s just no stopping this juggernaut of a title, and while fans are crying out for more single player content in the form of DLC, it’s GTA Online that Rockstar Games are focussing on. Of course, rumours on the internet states that Rockstar have some single player content in the works, but there’s no denying the popularity of GTA Online, with its regular content updates and rumours of Liberty City being added to the game too.

Many other fans hope that Rockstar will just announce another Red Dead Redemption title, and that’s perfectly fine. To some, they are finished with GTA V and just awaiting the next big release from Rockstar, but with figures like 60 million, it’s not hard to see the potential there. In-game purchases aren’t a necessity, but people are buying the Shark Cards, which allow you to spend real money on in-game fortunes to buy the flashiest cars, apartments and super yachts. You can just take part in missions, races and heists and achieve those milestones much slower if you want.

“The largest contributors to [net revenue] in fiscal third quarter 2016 were Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, NBA 2K16, WWE 2K16, and the Borderlands series,” reads the Take-Two financial report.

“The holiday season brought us the highest level of revenue yet for GTA Online,” the executive said. “And we had the highest number of active users [for the game].”

GTA V is among the biggest selling titles of all time, with only Minecraft (72m), Wii Sports (82.72m) and Tetris (425 million) ahead of it. Free to play mobile titles are not included in the list, and much of Wii Sports’ success is on its pack-in status when the Wii was in its prime.

[Source: VentureBeat]

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