Breaking Benjamin singer doesn’t like Battlefront, and now Halo 5

breaking benjaminCall him what you want, the more expletives the better. Breaking Benjamin singer Benjamin Burnley made gaming news last month with his negative antics towards EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. He received a copy to play and speak positively about, but instead, snapped the disc in two. Now, he’s posting on Instagram about Halo 5…

Posting on Instagram yesterday, an image of a broken Xbox One controller with the caption of “Another controller lost to this abysmal piece of crap game called halo 5 if you get kills in this game it’s because you’re connection is better .. Not skill period .. Halo 5 owes me 2 controllers about 25 wraiths, Scorpions, ghosts and countless power weapons .. Every time I give the game a chance it gets worse .. It sucks period!! Do not buy or play this game!!!!”

Breaking Benjamin doesn't like Halo 5

I’m sure a few Halo fans will have a few words to say about him, and we’re not going to stop them. I’m not a big Halo fan personally, but I have played a few hours of Halo 5’s multiplayer, and quite enjoy it. Maybe Benjamin just sucks at the game, who knows? Anyone know his gamertag so we can teabag him repeatedly, for his latest actions, and for his music? 😉

Earlier this week, he also took a stab at Halo 5 too, posting an image of the box art and stating “If you like getting ripped off .. Then this games for you”. What a lovely fellow. The comments that follow make for fun reading too, which you can see here

[Source: Instagram]

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