Star Wars Breaking Battlefront

star wars breaking battlefrontBreaking Benjamin’s Benjamin Burnley (say it three times fast) doesn’t like Star Wars Battlefront. According to his Instagram profile, which I don’t personally follow, he states that he was asked to play the latest EA game and speak with praise about it. He refused, and snapped the Xbox One disc he was sent.They wanted to pay me to post that I like this peice of shit game .. They can shove it up their ass this game sucks I’d rather watch the god awful prequels then play this peice of shit one more second that’s for ruining Star Wars EA :),” he says alongside his image upload.

Breaking Benjamin Star Wars BattlefrontThere are a few ways to look at this situation, which I’ll address below. You may or may not like the game, but for a start, if EA or DICE’s marketing team sent a copy to Benjamin for publicity, was this the logical response?

  • Is he trying to look like a bad ass?
  • Is he an upset Star Wars fan, damning the game?
  • Is he trying to pull a stupid marketing stunt to boost his own popularity?
  • Does he secretly like the game and wanted to follow the current trend of dissing the game?

I’m personally not that excited by Star Wars Battlefront, and despite putting about 10 hours into the game at this point, the lack of maps (only 4 maps on rotation for Supremacy and Walker Assault), as well as the season pass; I just can’t see myself investing much more into this.

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