Bosskey Productions announce ‘Lawbreakers’

lawbreakersCliff Bleszinski and his team at Bosskey Productions have revealed their latest game, previously known as ‘Project Bluestreak’. Lawbreakers is a PC exclusive team-based shooter, set in the future, where gravity plays a big part in the story, and the gameplay.

Project Bluestreak was in development for well over a year, and we knew about it was that it would be a First Person Shooter. What we’ve learned since the reveal of Lawbreakers, is that it will be a team based first person shooter, played from the sides of cops versus robbers.

In the story surrounding the game, humanity was doing experiments on the moon, causing it to blow up. As you do. The resulting explosion sent Earth’s gravity into disarray, but humanity survived. They adapted. They rebuilt. That was before the gangs started showing up.

Gravity manipulation lead to superhuman abilities, and some took advantage of this for their own game. Then came the supercops, to fight back against the gangs. That’s where you come in.

While the Lawbreakers announcement cinematic looks rather interesting, there was no gameplay shown. Bosskey Productions revealed that there will be gameplay shown on Friday, and that there will be hands-on access at PAX in Seattle this weekend.

[Source: Youtube]

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