Borderlands 3 Not Coming to Nintendo Switch

borderlands 3Hello everyone, unfortunately I have bad news for those who’ve pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch (myself included. Despite Nintendo stating that their new console would have a bevy of 3rd party support to help alleviate the issues of the Wii U, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox doesn’t seem to be on board as well, or at least not for Borderlands 3.

For those who don’t know, Borderlands is the flagship franchise that Gearbox created back in 2009, and has seen great success across a sequel, pre-quel and a TellTale game. They generally follow the typical class based rpg format, but with an off-the-rails and comedic story mode that can be played with or without friends, very rarely excluding you for playing solo or multiplayer. The game itself takes place on the dangerous planet of Pandora, where you choose from a variety of mercenaries to play as, collecting guns, money, feces, you name it and you’ll probably collect, find or kill it.Nintendo Switch

Now, despite this franchise being a major financial success and being a generally loved franchise to many gamers, it seems Nintendo isn’t putting much effort in to get the series on their console. According to Pitchford himself, “I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities”.

This isn’t a great start for the switch in regards to third-party support. Now Borderlands 3 isn’t going to break the Switch in that regards. Despite it being a huge hit, and one of my personal favourite game series, it alone doesn’t doom the Switch. My only worry is that this may not be the last 3rd party developer to jump ship on the Switch, and the last thing I want as someone who’s hoping to get back into the Nintendo eco-system is to have another Wii U happen and never use the console outside of exclusives.borderlands claptrap

All in all, I’m not overly worried about the Switch in its entirety, Gearbox isn’t exactly producing enough hits to properly impact the prospective console, I understand that some may be worried about the Switch. Whilst my opinion can only go so far, and it’s up to the buyer to actually evaluate the console their dropping cash on, I hope too many people aren’t overly dismayed by this news?

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