Bohemia Interactive Buy a T-72 Main Battle Tank

Bohemia Interactive TankIf you’ve ever been thinking, “where did the money for the Day-Z Standalone go,” wonder no more as Arma developers Bohemia Interactive recently purchased a decommissioned T-72 Main Battle Tank, which is now stationed at one of the studio offices.

Given the studios history with the Arma series, you’d be right in thinking that the employees welcomed their 41.5 tonne love child with open arms, and naturally jumped straight into the gunner seat when presented the opportunity to ride around in it.

The tank, nicknamed “Edita”, was originally used by the Czechoslovak People’s Army and it’s successors. Built by Russia, entering production in 1971, Edita was one of about 20,000 T-72’s built and sent to over 40 countries.  It’s main armament is a 125 mm 2A46M/2A46M-5 smoothbore gun, with a secondary 12.7 mm NSVT antiaircraft machine gun, and can travel up to 50km/h on roads.

“While the tank’s practical purpose might be best described as decoration, inspiration for developers, plus a promotional device for special events, it also serves as a reminder of the studio’s roots and represents Bohemia Interactive’s long-term commitment to creating the best (military) games available,” said the company in a blog post.  “A massive tanks goes out to everyone who has supported the studio and its games throughout the past 16 years. Your enthusiasm and support have been astonishing.

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