Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC and League feature update

bloodborneThe Old Hunters expansion will soon be bringing a brand new nightmare world of dangers and horrors for you to conquer in Bloodborne, not to mention a host of new weapons and armor for your arsenal. The Old Hunters releases this coming Tuesday for $19.99, but Bloodborne has received a patch in the meantime. The patch is said to be 9GB in size.

Title update 1.07 went live yesterday, adding new features and drastically changing the online component of Bloodborne. One of the new features, ‘League’, detailed by PlayStation blog says,” it introduces new NPCs into the game’s world. Join the League by meeting with Summon Master Valtr and obtaining the “Impurity” rune. You’ll need to summon him inside the shack to the right of the first lamp in the Forbidden Forest. Once you have memorized the “Impurity” rune, you will be able to access League ranking screens. Upon successfully completing a coop session, you’ll receive the “Vermin” which you must crush to increase your points and therefore your position on the League leaderboard.

BloodBorne The Old HuntersYou will also be able to summon NPCs to come to your aid, just like cooperative play, including inside Chalice Dungeons. To do so, first you will need to acquire the “Old Hunter Bell” from the messengers in the Hunter’s Dream area. In some areas you may be able to summon up to two NPC Hunters, or a mix of one NPC Hunter and one other online coop player.

In addition, when there are players near you that have used the Beckoning Bell or Small Resonant Bell and are waiting to join a coop session, they will appear in your game as an illusion or phantom with a ripple effect at their feet. That assumes they are within the correct level range and would be able to match with you.”

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