Blood Bowl 2: Dwarfs vs Skaven match gameplay

blood bowl 2 dwarfs skavenWhen I was just a young lad, my brother and I enjoyed playing Warhammer 40,000 with friends. We were then introduced to Blood Bowl, the offshoot fantasy football boardgame also from Games Workshop. How could you not be tempted to try it? Seeing the second game in the video game version brings back a tonne of nostalgia.

Forget your Maddens, your Pro Evos and your FIFAs, if you want something different this year, just look at Blood Bowl 2 from Cyanide Studios. Taking American football and crushing its head, Blood Bowl is a turn-based football sim set in the fantasy world of Warhammer. Teams from each race collide in the ultimate Blood Bowl tournament, bringing along star players and dirty tactics, to be crowned number one.

Watch the Dwarfs take on the Skaven in a grueling matchup that’s bound to feature some comical maneuvers and crunching tackles. While it might look confusing at first, there are gameplay mechanics at play that might seem different, but it ties in well to the boardgame and is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

From the website posting:

“Albeit slow, Dwarfs make great Blood Bowl players. They’re compact, tough, well-armoured, and have a stubborn knack of refusing to die! Most successful Dwarf teams work to the principle that if they can massacre all the other team’s best players and wear down the rest, then there won’t be anybody left to stop them scoring touchdowns! Their Deathroller, a real mobile siege engine, helps greatly with this tactic, as it is able to crush any enemy regardless of its size. However, the use of such a machine is strictly forbidden, and the referee will always end up sending the player (and his ride) off.

Skaven, on the other hand, show just the opposite traits. Save for their Rat Ogre, they’re not so tough, frail, but rather agile and extremely fast. Many an opponent has been left in the starting blocks as fast-moving Skaven players scamper through a gap in the line and run in for a lightning fast touchdown. Make sure your Skaven players keep away from the opponent though – especially if they’re hard-hitting players such as the Dwarfs – or you’ll be likely to end up the match with much less players than you started it…”

“Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel to Cyanide Studios’ 2009 faithful adaptation of Blood Bowl, American Football uniquely based on the Games Workshop boardgame. Jim and Bob of Cabalvision HD introduce an interactive world of sports, violence, team-management and league tournaments, broadcast across a range of richly detailed stadiums that you upgrade as your team grows more successful, filling your coffers.”

Blood Bowl 2 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 22nd.

[Source: Blood Bowl 2 official site]

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