Blizzcon 2016 Rumours: Diablo Announcement?

Diablo 4 Rumour ImageHello everyone, have I got some rumours for any Diablo fans out there. Several fans of the Diablo series have noticed clues that indicate that this Blizzcon will unveil something important for the Diablo series. With many hoping it’s the announcement of the fourth game in the series, or at least a re-master.

One of the more recent clues to be discovered was in the Blizzcon 2016 goodie bag, specifically the Diablo Dice. The detail that was noticed was that the die doesnt’ have the same number no matter how its roled. As well, the numbers instead add up to either 114 or 411. Following this, and the fact that Blizzcon starts on November 4th, a date that matches up with 114, or 11/4, it’s enough to at least suspect an announcement could be on its way.

Diablo 2 Cover

Another major point to take into account is that the former community manager of Blizzard stated that at Blizzcon 2016, “Diablo fans will lose their s**t”. Whilst this could just be an announcement of anything Diablo related that’s not inherently a new game, like a new class or expansion or both, the hope is that this will be an entirely new entry in the series.

Now a major point against this rumour is that David Brevik, co-founder of Blizzard North and creator of Diablo 1 and II, tweeted that he is having no part in working on a new Diablo title. This is quite significant, as just recently he stated that were there to be a new game in the Diablo series, that he would be the advisor to push the game to new heights.Diablo 3 Diablo Image

Now this could be a devious attempt for Blizzard to catch as many people off guard as possible, setting up hidden clues and then doing everything in their power to dispel the rumours. As for anyone who believes Blizzard wouldn’t go to these depths to hide an announcement, just look at the Sombra clue for Overwatch, where it was hidden in the teleport trail of Tracer, in the form of a barcode.

All in all, being a Blizzard product, it’s impossible to know for certain whether the rumour’s true or not, as I personally wouldn’t put anything past them. Here’s to hoping that we’ll get an announcement of an amazing game, whether new or remastered, in the next few weeks from Blizzard.

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