Blizzard rewarding Heroes of the Storm players

Oni Genji SKin blizzardHello everyone, have I got some news for any Blizzard fans in our audience. Now, if you’re a fan of either Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, or their team based shooter, Overwatch, there’s some rewards at stake. From what I can tell, Blizzard is promising a unique Oni Genji skin for Overwatch, and free access to the Zarya champion in Heroes of the Storm, so long as you play 15 matches of Heroes of the Storm with a friend.

As for the Overwatch skin itself, it’s inspired by Japanese folklore, as they are variously translated to represent demons, devils, ogres or trolls. Whilst Genji himself isn’t necessarily evil, at least as far as we know, this skin fits in with his characters overall motif. As well, the idea that we can get what amounts to an epic skin, but don’t have to rely on the randomness of loot boxes is actually refreshing, as every other unique skin could only be obtained randomly, never giving you a guarantee that you would get it eventually.

As well, for people who prefer Heroes of the Storm to Overwatch, I imagine the free Zarya champion will be welcome. If she plays at all like she does in Overwatch, she’ll be an invaluable asset to the team, able to protect/support the team, whilst dealing continuous damage to enemy champions. Another point, even if Zarya doesn’t play to everyone’s preferences, if you’re already a Heroes of the Storm regular, a free champion just for playing some matches with your friends.Zarya HOTS Hero blizzard

As an extra point, it seems Blizzard is rewarding those who continue playing after the 15 matches with friends, promising four additional heroes to Heroes of the Storm, as well as a special hoverbike mount. With all of these rewards on the line, it makes it hard to say no to atleast giving Heroes of the Storm try… so long as you’re at least a partial fan of Blizzard and their various IP’s.

As for how the rewards will be given out, once the newest update for Overwatch releases, anyone who has met the requirements will have their skin gifted to them. With all of that in mind, I know that I myself will be spending the rest of my night with my roommate grinding out some of these Heroes of the Storm matches.

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