Blizzard launch competitive play in Overwatch

OverwatchEver since Blizzard began building hype for their latest addition to their collection of games, Overwatch, a key question has been on the lips of those who were anticipating the release. Will it have a ranked mode? Which was answered with a resounding yes soon after, but not at launch. Now, a month after Overwatch’s official release, Blizzard have launched their competitive game mode.

For those of you who purchased the game on console, like myself, you’ve got a little bit longer to wait, but for those of you who purchased the game on in its natural habitat, PC, you can load up the game straight away and indulge. And you can do so in relative comfort knowing that it’s already been live in the public test realm for the best part of a week, however if you participated in the beta you’re going to want to take note of the changes.

Ranked mode is set up in typical Blizzard fashion, you’ll first need to achieve level 25 giving you plenty of time to learn the basics and some if not all of the characters within the game. From then on it’s unlikely you’ll spend your time playing Overwatch in any other game mode, the first ten games will decide where you’re placed but from then on your aim is to improve your rank as much as possible.Overwatch

All 12 maps will be available in ranked play’s rotation, however there is some unique differences in the way you play match after match, for example, on maps with a ‘Escort the Payload’, Dorado for example, you’ll play the typical two rounds, the victor will be decided after both rounds have been played with the result being based on how many checkpoints the attacking team of each round managed to push through. Assault Maps such as Volskaya Industries will introduce a time bank system, attacking teams have 10 minutes to complete their objectives while the defending team does their best to ensure that they run out of time before doing so. Then you’ll swap sides and play the second round, however if both teams manage to capture their objectives on their turn, then a third round will be played however teams will only have the amount of time they had remaining at the end of the first round to capture the objectives. Make sense? Overwatch

Finally, control maps such as Nepal, these play out exactly the same as you’ve become used to, except you’ll now play best of five instead of best of three. Sudden death rounds will currently remain as they are in quick play for the time being, however Blizzard have taken heed of their communities complaints, promising change in the not-too-distant future.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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