Black Ops III Awakening DLC Hits Xbox One Today

Black ops 3 Awakening DLCBlack Ops III DLC pack “Awakening” has released on Xbox One today.The map pack boasts four multiplayer maps and a Zombies map. One of these maps will be very familiar to fans of previous instalments of the Black Ops series. If you haven’t purchased the Black Ops III Season Pass, you can pick up the pack for a reasonable €14.49.
Here’s a little breakdown of what your money will get you:

Skyjacked: A remake of Hijacked. This map takes place on a flying ship above the city (hence the name).  The map’s layout is essentially the same as Hijacked but with a few noticeable differences, such as detail and size.

Rise: A new multiplayer map set in a dockyard. This map features several under water passages to enable players to sneak in to enemy territory.

Splash: A new multiplayer map set in a water park. This map in somewhat similar to Carnival, a map which featured in the Resurgence map pack n Modern Warfare 2. Except it has a lot more water. Something, I imagine, IGN are not too happy with.

Gauntlet: Probably the most interesting map of the pack. This map seems to be set in a combat simulator. It features three different locations. There’s an Urban, forest and winter section to offer players a diverse experience in one game.

Der Eisendrache: The latest instalment of the Zombies experience offers players a rather typical Zombies experience, differing in many ways to the 1920’s style city we got with the base game.

Have you picked up the DLC or are you finished with the Call of Duty series? Let us know what you think!

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