Black Ops 3’s Nuk3town now free for everybody

nuk3townBack in November when Call of Duty Black Ops 3 launched, one of its pre-order incentives was the Nuk3town 3 map, one of Treyarch’s fondest map creations that has found its way into every Black Ops title. Now, the map has become free for everyone to play on. Hooray!

To celebrate its open access to everyone, Treyarch are hosting a 24/7 playlist on Nuk3town for you all to get your fill until the map makes you sick again. It will also be added to the main map rotation across a variety of multiplayer playlists. As well as the map, you also get a personalisation pack and a themed calling card for your setup featuring the map. Don’t forget, Nuk3town also features a pretty cool easter egg involving those mannequins which you can check out here.

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