Black Ops 3 players on PC report stuttering issues

black ops 3PC gamers are reporting that Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is having some rather disturbing issues, with many stating that stuttering and low frame rates are the biggest problem.

Treyarch have been actively trying to sort it out, acknowledging that there are problems, and left a note in the Steam forum saying;

“Hi everyone,
We are super excited to be rolling the game out and we are actively looking through the community feedback.

We have noticed that some systems may get better input response with FPS Cap set just below refresh rate. If you have a 60hz monitor, you can try enabling Vsync and setting your FPS Cap to 58.


This was further updated with “We have released a patch to address issues with performance on some CPUs including Intel i5 processors.”

black ops 3 screenA story on says “A report by TechPowerUp claims that the game isn’t properly dealing with system and video memory. On a system with a GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card and 12GB of RAM, Black Ops III maxed out all available system memory—approximately 10GB—that wasn’t occupied by the operating system and lightweight tasks. Swapping in 16GB of RAM eliminated the stutters, as did installing a a GTX Titan X graphics card, which has double the video memory of the GTX 980 Ti, at 12GB. The higher-end graphics card apparently reduced the game’s RAM usage, allowing the game to run smoothly with 12GB of system memory in place.”

Some Steam user comment reviews of Black Ops 3 read like this:

“low FPS ,poor optimization. do not buy”
“runs like dogshit 10/10”
“I have an I7-4790k and a GTX-980ti and my pc is running this game on 10fps on low settings WTF!!!!!!!!!!!”

And finally, one we can certainly agree with regarding day one of a game’s release…

black ops 3 nuketown carl's“In the current state that this game is in, I can’t really recommend this game. Heck, the beta was smoother than the official launch of this game! I know it’s only day 1, but consumers can’t fall into that “dude, it’s day 1, they’re going to release a patch anyway, right?” attitude. Buying broken games at launch and hoping the devs fix it later is pretty pathetic. The publisher has got your money now, but will release poor ports like this one and fix it……. LATER (after they cashed in on your money).”

“I’ve been to funerals more fun than this” is one comment on the Steam user reviews, although that isn’t directly related to the performance issues, just something I found amusing.

Have you tried playing Black Ops 3 on PC, and how was your experience?

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