Black Ops 3 getting a parkour game mode

black ops 3 free runOn Friday’s Black Ops Friday video, which Activision will run each week up until the game’s launch, Treyarch revealed a new game mode which can be enjoyed with friends online. Free-running parkour anyone?

The new mode will see you and a friend, or stranger race through various courses which get harder as you progress through the game. Wall running, climbing, jumping, avoiding holes in the floor, and all sorts of obstacles that stand in your way. It’s certainly an interesting addition, and the terrain looks rather fantastical as well. You can see it in action from 8:00 in the video below.

Tune in every Friday throughout October at 12pm PT/3pm ET/9pm CET for more exclusive reveals, fan Q&As, and more on Black Ops 3 with Activision and Treyarch. Black Ops 3 will be hitting all PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms on November 6th, which really isn’t too far away. Are you ready? Are you excited? Good.

[Source: Youtube]

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