Bioware teasing a surprise for the PlayStation Meeting

dragon age inquisition biowareWith the excitement building up for the PlayStation Meeting this afternoon in New York, it looks like some developers may have a few surprises up their sleeves for the show. Bioware, the developer of Mass Effect and Dragon Age seem to be teasing something ahead of the live-streamed event.

In a tweet by Bioware’s head of design and art, Alistair McNally, he said “Really, REALLY excited for the Sony PlayStation press conference tomorrow. Some surprises are in store I expect.” He then teased further by saying “Also it’s probably about time I changed my twitter avatar image and background.”

He then updated his images with graphics from Dragon Age artwork. What should be expect in that case? Something to do with VR? It couldn’t be a new Dragon Age game, could it? With Mass Effect Andromeda deep into development, it’s unlikely that focus would have shifted to a new title at the studio already.

dragon age

It would be nice if this was all to throw us off the fact that EA and Bioware have commissioned a remastered trilogy of Mass Effect, but as has been stated recently, this won’t be happening. Boooooo.

Tune into the PlayStation Meeting at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern / 8pm BST today.

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