BioWare to address Mass Effect Andromeda feedback

mass effect andromedaAs of today, Thursday, it has been a full week since Mass Effect Andromeda became available around the world. In its first week, we’ve seen regular slander against the title, via gifs and ‘my face is tired’ comments. BioWare knows it has some issues that need patching, and will next week let us know what changes will be made.

The biggest issue for many is the facial animations, or the very ‘frozen’ postures between interacting characters on screen. There’s very little life in how they move, not even a hand gesture to emphasise a point, but it’s something I am able to live with.

BioWare posted a note on Twitter in the last few hours, indicating to fans of Mass Effect Andromeda that a bunch of fixes and changes will be highlighted on April 4th, next week.

Mass Effect Andromeda has gotten a serious amount of slack, and each day that I’ve been playing it, I’ve found myself more and more invested in its missions and stories. The characters aren’t as fascinating as those I befriended in the trilogy, but this is a point worth discussing in more detail.

Many are comparing Andromeda to a trilogy of titles that featured great character development, on both the good and bad sides of the Milky Way. Mass Effect Andromeda is the first in new direction of titles in the same universe, so you would be better off comparing it to the original Mass Effect. Nobody knew what was to come in Mass Effect 2, let alone 3, and it blew our minds. The second Andromeda title may be the next Mass Effect 2. Who knows? For the time being though, I can’t help but feel that Andromeda is being picked on for the smallest reasons.

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