BioShock Has A Future With 2K Games

1920x1080_bioshock-wallpaper-[4]Last year, BioShock developer Irrational Games shut their doors leaving the future of the series up in the air, but it doesn’t come to much of a surprise that Publisher Take-Two says that it still has a future being the massive IP that it is.

2K games in California currently have the IP, as it was handed to them after the Irrational Games closure, and former head Ken Levine stayed with the publisher despite the majority of the studios talent heading for the hills, with many currently working on much talked about indie titles.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told GameSpot that BioShock is “unquestionably a permanent franchise,” but it doesn’t appear that series creator Ken Levine will be at the helm as he is working with a smaller team on something else for Take-Two, which Zelnick describes as “highly creative and innovative.”

“The franchise is in the hands of 2K,” Zelnick said. “They’ll make announcements in due time about any upcoming releases. But BioShock is unquestionably a permanent franchise for our company and one that we do believe in.”

Whatever the case, I’m trust that 2K will do the series justice, and with Ken Levine a mere phone-call away they can ensure they get things right for the fans.

With how BioShock Infinite went, there is literally… ughh… infinite possibilities for the developers to work with. One thing I really hope for is that the gameplay is improved on, as Infinite’s combat really turned me off the whole experience, despite the story and world being phenomenal.

What are your thoughts though? Where and when do you think the next game should be set? What do you want to see more or less of? let us know in the comments!

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