Biggest fail of EVO 2015

evo fail 2015Last week, the annual EVO championships took place in Las Vegas, seeing many of the world’s most renowned fighting game players take part in tournaments on games that they have honed their skills on. Or so you would think.

During the Guilty Gear EVO tournament, a player by the name of Woshige was mounting an epic comeback, and prematurely celebrated his victory, thinking he had won the fight, but quickly and consequentially realised it was only a round victory, and before he could sit back down to defend himself, his opponent Ogawa laid the smack down and put him in his place for messing up. It’s hard to say whether Ogawa did the right thing and took advantage, or if he was unsportsmanlike to continue without the presence of his opponent. If you compare it to any other sport, if there’s an injury on the field, the game is stopped momentarily, until the player is taken off to the sidelines or equivalent, but this wasn’t a case of an injury, and Woshige made a stupid mistake and paid for it. Still, it’s funny to watch, and a lesson well learned, especially at the prestigious EVO tournament. He seemed to find the whole situation funny nonetheless!

[Source: Gamerant]

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