Big Team Battle will be coming to Halo 5: Guardians post launch

Big Team BattleChances are, if you’ve owned or even played a Halo title, that you’ve experience Big Team Battle at some stage in your life, it was originally made famous during the early days of Halo, when Halo 2 become the “must-play” experience of the original Xbox. Time has moved on since then, but our love of the insane game-mode has persisted, which is probably why the fans reacted so badly when 343 Industries revealed that it wouldn’t be in the playlists when the game launches in two weeks time. Earlier today, 343 Industries and Microsoft revealed what will be the launch day multiplayer playlists, be sure to check it out here, and as was predicted, Big Team Battle hasn’t made the cut. Back when the announcement was first made, 343 Industries responded to community pressure by protesting that Warzone is in fact the evolutionaryBig Team Battle rendition of Big Team Battle. However that didn’t quite sit well with fans, and thanks to the fans, 343 Industries have announced that it’ll be coming in the form of post launch content.

That isn’t actually true, that announcement was made back in August, however what we now know is that 343 Industries are specifically designing Big Team Battle focused maps, to help compliment the game mode when it inevitably launches in the not too distant future. Multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo said this in relation to the matter:

“Big Team Battle will have its own playlist when it launches, we’re crafting all new maps that are designed from the ground up to cater to Big Team Battle. These will include a healthy mix of infantry and vehicular combat that Big Team Battle is known for.”

Big Team BattleAnd of course let us not forget that all Halo 5: Guardians post launch maps will be available to download completely free of charge. Credit where credit is due 343 Industries seem to be doing an awful lot to ensure they’re keeping the Halo community happy, all they have to do is pull off their first successful launch of the new-generation and they’ll have more or less completely won back the trust of their fans.

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