“Big” phones won’t fit the Fallout 4 “Pip-Boy” replica

Pip-BoyBethesda arguably trumped the majority of presentations at E3 2015 with Fallout 4 and the revealing of the special “Pip-Boy Edition” that comes with a fully functioning, wearable “Pip-Boy” device for your Smartphone. But if you’re an adopter of the iPhone 6 plus, or Samsung Galaxy Note, then you’re going to want to re-think your £99 pre-order. As these super-sized versions of the leading smartphones will not fit inside the plastic housing.

Of course, if you’re just a collector who wants to own a piece of video game history this isn’t exactly going to bother you, but to the vast majority, who want to purchase for the experience of being able to use the device in-game. This may come as somewhat of an annoyance to you. So here’s a short list of some of the popular phones the Pip-Boy will be able to handle:

Apple: iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5c, 6

Samsung: Galaxy 4, Galaxy 5Pip-Boy

… And that’s about it. Though it’s not a straight forward process, Bethesda clarified, via their blog, that the Pip-Boy comes with customisable foam, that works in a way so that the device can be used with a variety of smartphones. This means that you can insert most of the popular smartphones available on the market. Bethesda went on to say that they wanted to create as realistic replica as possible remaining faithful to the in-game model which is why it doesn’t support some of the larger phones or phablets, as they’ve become to be known.

For those of us in the UK this isn’t exactly much of a problem as the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 is exclusive to video game retailer GAME, and is completely out of stock at the time of writing. I will personally be keeping my ear close to the ground however, as I’m hoping to acquire one myself at release.

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