A Big Mac and McSquirtle please! Pokémon Go sponsorships?

mcPikachu pokémon goIt looks like sponsored locations could be next on the list of additions for Pokémon GO, the game that’s sweeping the globe since its rollout last week. Some users have dug through the files of the mobile game, and found code that suggests popular locations may become gyms in themselves.

Findings by Reddit user KcYoung hint that McDonald’s may already be on board with the process, and who could blame them? “Head over to your local McDonald’s to increase your chances of finding ‘x’ Pokémon,” could easily ensure a drove of fans navigating to their nearest fast food chain. Who will be the top trainer in your local McDonald’s?

mcdonald's pokemon goHonestly, I have no personal disagreements about this. Niantic, the game’s developer have already done a similar practice with their previous mobile game Ingress, which encouraged its players to visit certain locations or retailers.

In Ireland, I could see the likes of Abrakebabra making use of a similar offering for fans of Pokémon, with a likely encounter of Abra and Kadabra in the vicinity!

I’m sure you guys can think up some pretty interesting ideas, but if it’s business for Niantic, more popularity for Pokémon, and fun ways to interact with Pokémon GO, then is it such a bad thing?

[Source: Gizmodo]

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