Bethesda game characters in Pops form!

PopsToy manufacture Funko have unveiled their latest addition to the world of ‘Pops’ due to go on sale in the near future. This time, they’re using Bethesda’s various RPG game characters as a theme including Skyrim and the eagerly anticipated Fallout 4. Needless to say any budding Pop collector will want to add these to their collection.

For those of you unaware of what Pops are, they’re basically just collectible figurines based on popular characters from a wide variety of characters within the various entertainment industries such as the Marvel Universe. Some are even bobbleheads! But all of them are always produced with a great amount of detail making them an excellent decoration to any gamers retreat.

The Fallout 4 characters will make up 7 of the new figurines, consisting of The Brotherhood of Steel Solider, Vault Boy, The Lone Wanderers (male & female (nice touch)), Super Mutant, Feral Ghoul and Deathclaw. All of which can been seen in the Gallery below:

Additional Pops from the Elder Scrolls series can also be seen in the picture below:Bethesda Pops





Prices have currently been listed by Amazon at $10.99 whereas the Bethesda store has listed them at $12. However there is some confusion speculating around the release date with Amazon listing the Pops with an August release date whereas the Bethesda store has them listed for July… Which seems to be an error at this stage.

Whilst we’re on the subject, we think it would only be fair to now invite the 4-One Gaming community to show off their own Pop collection, as we like that kind of thing here. So grab your phone, grab a quick snap of your army of Pops and post the photo in the comment section below the article. The most impression collection may even win a spot on our page in the near future.

[Source: VG24/7]

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