Bethesda announce Fallout 4 season pass

Fallout 4In today’s world, when talk of season pass arises, the question is no longer will there be one? But instead, how good of a deal are we going to get when ‘that’ game inevitably gets one? Especially when it comes to AAA titles, well Bethesda’s eagerly anticipated addition to the Fallout series is no exception to this rule, and thanks to an announcement made in a recent blog post. The fans now have an answer.

Yes, of course Fallout 4 will be getting a season pass, but in the traditional spirit of their announcements Bethesda have left us all pleasantly surprised with their announcement. So here’s a quick break down of all the announcements made in the blog post:

  • First up, Bethesda have announced that Fallout 4 will be the subject of regular free updates that will be used toFallout 4 not only help patch up the game, but add new features and content. All players will be eligible for these updates, meaning plenty of free content for all.
  • Paid DLC will also be available, Bethesda don’t actually know what that’ll be just yet, but they’re stating that it’ll all be available as either standalone purchases, or you can have the lot for $30. It’s difficult to put a value on the DLC given we don’t know much about it, but the post quoted examples from the likes of Fallout 3 and Skyrim, stating that the true value is around the $40 mark so it does seem like good value for money. The post explains that the first of this DLC will ready for market early next year.
  • Finally Bethesda reiterated the modding side of things, reminding us that mods will eventually be available on all platforms Fallout 4 is due to launch on. PC Gamers will, naturally, be the first to experience these mods, the Xbox One will follow soon after before finally, the PlayStation community will also be able to experience modding’s debut on console.

So it appears the news just keeps getting better and better for Fallout fans and with the game now just 8 weeks away, the recent announcements are sure to once again add to the anticipation. So while we’re on the subject of Fallout. Does $30 for all DLC sound like an enticing enough offer to seal the deal? Let us know below!fallout 4

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