Bethesda announce another E3 show of their own

bethesdaBethesda are once again planning to host their own E3 show similar to last year’s show where they revealed Fallout 4. Obviously they had a lot of fun with the fans on last year’s occasion and have announced another media conference for June 12th.

Following the release of Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online last year, the biggest title from Bethesda this year is undoubtedly Doom. Bethesda are releasing Doom in spring, meaning there would be no need for it to feature at their E3 show in the summer. Perhaps some new content or expansions will be showcased on the day? The same can be said for Fallout 4, although we shouldn’t have to wait until June to learn of the game’s upcoming DLC.

Perhaps a new Elder Scrolls title will be revealed? That’s unlikely, with Fallout 4 only on the shelves since November, and a new world to explore so soon after that is a bit too far-fetched. Dishonored 2 was also announced last summer, and while it doesn’t have a specific launch date at the moment, the game doesn’t carry enough weight to justify hosting a live show with that game being the highlight. No disrespect intended.

Battlecry is also another game in¬†Bethesda’s arsenal, a third person action shooter with various characters to choose from. There have been betas previously, but a release is still to come. It is listed as a PC only title, which looks like it’s set to rival the likes of Gearbox’s MOBA Battleborn, or Blizzard’s Overwatch. They all seem intent on taking to the eSports stage, and it’s likely Bethesda want in on that action too with Battlecry.

We are only entering February now, but I imagine that Bethesda have a few surprises up their sleeves. We shall certainly learn more before June this year.

[Source: Twitter]

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