Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)

baby driver moviesWe are halfway through the year! That means it’s time to do the checklist of what’s been the best of 2017’s movies thus far. These films include anything released between January 1st and June 30th. Note that I haven’t really had the chance to review many of these (I do brief reviews off to the side) but expect more coverage of July releases including a Dunkirk review right as the embargo releases. Until then, here’s the top five:

5. John Wick: Chapter 2

An action film that grows ideas seeded from the first, ultimately prevails as superior to the original. An interesting plot, sharp camera work, and flair for style help further cement this as a great contemporary action series.

4. Get Out:

A glorious debut for Jordan Peele gives us a thriller with moments of comedy and horror expertly placed around the journey. An endeavor of race, cultural clashes, and stellar visuals, Get Out is about one of the most unique movies I’ve seen recently. Just don’t go into the film expecting a full-blown horror or comedy, but rather elements of each with an overarching thriller and you’ll have an excellent time.

3. Logan:

Just narrowly coming in at this spot is Logan, which I proclaim is the second best comic book film to date. A western in disguise with themes and reflections/revelations used so well along with great pacing. Logan isn’t for the faint of heart; earning its R-rating with some shocking sequences. Each with deep meaning rooted in the past of the character and helping give him and others a future. It’s a fitting end for Jackman’s run as the character.

2. It Comes At Night

The best cast and cinematography I’ve seen this year. Beautiful shots and good execution of building tension make this movie one that resonated a long time in my mind. Haunting performances from many of the core cast, this one isn’t really a horror in the way most view horror, but psychologically it’s a trip through rational and how real individuals might handle a dense situation; executed masterfully. Though he reveal of the “It” might upset some, once you get past it nearly every aspect of this film is glowing and masterful.

1. Baby Driver

Baby Driver has been the best film I’ve seen this year; this is what a five-star movie looks like. This profound and delightful sense of rhythm to the movie guides it through the entire run time. Music is appropriately placed at every turn. There’s this breakneck pace similar to Fury Road where everything happens beat for beat and you roll with the punches and vie to see them again. The cast kills it and Edgar Wright extrapolates genius moments of comedy in so many different ways. Baby Driver is the film to beat, and I guarantee that you’ll have the best time at the cinema with this choice.

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