Ben Affleck Has Written a Script for Standalone Batman, Gets Title, and Casting News

ben-affleck-batmanAri Emanuel and Patrick Whiteshell recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the future of  Ben Affleck as Batman. “Well, he’s contracted to do at least Justice League One and Two, so at least three times wearing the cape,” said Whitesell, in response to a question about how long he thinks Affleck might want to play the character. “And there’s a script that he’s written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option.” Affleck has quite the resume for his writing career with writing credits for Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone, and The Town. We now know a little bit more about his standalone movie that will release in 2018.

The 2018 movie will start production early next year with a hopeful July 2018 release. The crew thus far consists of Chris Terrio, who wrote Argo and co-wrote Batman v Superman. Also on board is a familiar face to DC fans, that being Geoff Johns as the creative consultant. Affleck will direct the film with Charles Rovan, Zach and Deborah Synder producing as well. The tentative title has been revealed to be “The Batman” the following synopsis has been revealed for the film:

“After the events of Batman v Superman, an older and strained Bruce Wayne seeks to tie up loose ends from his career as the vigilantee Batman. Through the visions of past and present Batman collide as Batman seeks to rehabilitate a brainwashed Jason Todd while investigating a string of deaths in the Gotham City community at the hands of the mysterious Court of Owls. Batman must bring the Court to his on form of aggressive justice while trying to protect the Batman family from the crippling, long-term psychological effects of The Joker.”

The following includes cast members of The Batman

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth

Jared Leto as Jason Todd/The Second Joker

Hugh Dancy as The Joker

JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon

Jena Malone as Barbara Gordon/Oracle

Margot Robbie as Dr. Harleen Quinzel

David Tennant as Edward Nygma

Danny Devito as Osward Cobblepot

Tom Hardy as Bane

Aiden Gillen as Bill Wilson/CIA

Christian Bale as The Voice of the Batmoblie

Henry Cavil as Superman

Jim Carrey as Joker Impersonator 3

An interesting list from what I can tell. Having Devito reprise his role as The Penguin is ballsy, but top tier casting and having Aiden Gillen reprise his role from The Dark Knight Rises brings a tear to me eye, small guys never die. Let us know what you think of the casting!



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