Beat Sports now available for Apple TV

beat sportsBack in September, Apple revealed the brand new, updated Apple TV, which confirmed rumours that it will also play games. Well one of its games, Beat Sports, released yesterday. The game was developed in collaboration with Harmonix and Tilting Point.

Beat Sports is a collection of music-infused mini-games inspired by familiar sports like tennis, volleyball and golf. Designed and developed exclusively for the new Apple TV, Beat Sports combines the joy of hitting balls with the fun of hitting the beat! Beat Sports is available now for $9.99 from the App Store for Apple TV, with no in-app purchases.

new apple tvControl Beat Sports using the brand-new Siri Remote, and swing, volley and score to the beat of the music! Download the free Beat Sports Remote App from the App Store to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into an extra controller, allowing up to four players to compete against each other in the Buddy Ball mini-game. Beat Sports’ original soundtrack features songs composed by Harmonix and by Masaya Matsuura, the creator of PaRappa the Rapper.


  • Four unique and whacky rhythm-based sports mini-games
  • Simple and intuitive motion and touch controls
  • Unlock new difficulty levels and compete for high scores
  • Customize your slugger’s outfit and bat as you unlock new sports equipment
  • Play Buddy Ball with up to four players using iPhone or iPod touch as extra controllers
  • Fun for everyone from humans of all ages to aliens of all species!


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